Hi! I’m Debbie Dickey<3

I support women trust themselves and teach them how to clear their mind, love their body & balance emotions.

My life experiences have shown me the answer to why I was feeling crazy, out of my body or not enough, was a direct result to unresolved trauma stored in my nervous system.

It is important to me that you know you’re not alone. And so, I’m going to share some vulnerable truths with the intention for you to get to know me a little better – because I get it. 

I grew up with abandonment issues, a fearful-avoidant attachment style and trauma. As a result, I experienced migraines, intrusive thoughts and panic attacks. For many years, I hated my mind, my body and believed my emotions were wrong.  

My mind and body felt so unsafe. I lived ‘in the clouds’, feeling more connected to my dreams and daydreams than ‘real life’. My teens and early 20’s were painful, free and a time that enforced bad behaviors and dysfunctional patterns.

Fast forward at age 21, I met Sean, my now husband, and within months of dating I had a miscarriage. I felt so much guilt, shame and distrust in my body. Later that year, I was diagnosed with PCOS and felt broken. During this time of my life, I was working as a social worker, smoking, drinking and avoiding my own healing all while obessively learning all things holistic. 

In 2015, I broke my leg and decided to make drastic changes. I went no contact with family members, made the choice to become sober, changed my diet and exercise routine. I became a massage therapist, reiki master and opened my own business called Love Today Therapy. I continued my training in polarity therapy, acupressure and reflexology, pre & post natal care, infant massage and much, much more. I even started  a Honey Bee rescue with my husband, for fun!

Life was going really well. I was feeling more healthy in mind and strong in my body. I was feeling really connected and confident in who I am and how to honor my needs. However, I did experience another loss and really dedicated my time and energy to learning more about my own cycle, my hormones and how to regulate them. I had my last smoke every ring that pregnancy and officially became sober. This is when I also stopped dying my hair, in case you were wondering.


Actually, I’m going to spend a moment on this. Being in my late 20’s with a full head of grey was NOT the norm, though it was increasingly trendy. This silver hair transformation was so raw and vunerable. It was the most truthful I have ever been with myself. I completely stripped myself of my old identities and challenged many belief systems. My silver hair journey was and still is such a rich and empowering stance for authenticity, self-love and self-appreciation. It gave me an opportunity to establish confidence in my appearance and be proud of who I am.


Fast forward, two weeks before the pandemic shut life down, I had a confirmed pregnancy. Fun fact, I felt Everly’s presence and she visited me in my dreams before we conceived. Thought I ended up selling my home, closing my business, shutting down the non-profit and rehoming my chickens…. I didn’t feel overwhelmed or worried about really anything. By this time, I discovered breathwork and met a soul sis-star Lisa McNett, who through experience taught me what safety and conscious relationship really feels like in another person.  I had also developed such a supportive relationship with myself and learned self-regulating tools, I felt resilient, safe and capable to ride the waves of my grief, sadness and anger.


Throughout my pregnancy, there was so much fear worldwide around the pandemic. I moved my family across country into my mothers home, struggled to find health care and with everything going on-all my childhood and teenage wounds were triggered.  

I started having daily anxiety, headaches, stomach issues… I had a few panic attacks too. Every day was an opportunity to fall apart and put myself together. I was actively healing my innerchild, my relationship with my mother, strengthen my relationship with my husband and  how to move with my big emotions when everything felt so uncertain.  

At the same time, I was learning breathwork with Lisa and connecting with new persons(online) who valued embodied healing approaches, conscious relationships and authenticity.  In such a short time, I completely transformed my being. I birthed my child, I rebirth myself and with Lisa, co-birthed One Breath Institute. A school that provides trauma healing and training in trauma-informed Introspective Breathwork Therapy.

My journey to becoming a mother was not at all what I imagined it to be. It was such a huge healing experience where I released so much generational trauma and patterns, limiting beliefs and stepped into my power as mother. What supported me most was my knowledge of trauma, breath-energetic-somatic tools to regulate my nervous system and be connected with a community of others doing the interwork too.

What They Say

My time with Debbie was nothing short of transformative. In just one session, I felt a level of safety and support that I hadn’t experienced before. Opening up about my stuck emotions felt effortless, and Debbie’s guidance led me through a profound breakthrough. I emerged feeling not only lighter but also brimming with newfound confidence. This was, without a doubt, the most impactful experience I’ve had. I highly suggest giving yourself the opportunity to schedule a session.

Sarah M

Working with Debbie was an absolute gamechanger for me. In the first massage and healing session, I experienced a level of healing and progress that had previously had me lost in anxiety for years. Debbies ability to create a safe and supportive environment allowed me to address deep-seated emotions and release physical discomfort. Im still working with it of course but I left feeling so much lighter and overall more like me again.

Jessica L

Sessions with Debbie have been such a transformative experience. I have spent a lot of time in nature grounding and feeling more connected to my emotions, and understanding them. I feel so empowered. There was a serious shift. She let me know that I didn’t have to “do” anything. Im really grateful for her presence and guiding me. Im so excited to move forward with my journey.


Angela T

I have battled panic attacks and chronic anxiety all my life. Finding effective healing and trauma-informed touch was nowhere to be found. However, my experience with Deb massage and healing sessions has been amazing. Their compassionate approach and deep understanding of trauma’s effects created a safe space where I could truly heal. After a few sessions, I’ve noticed a significant reduction in my anxiety levels, and the panic attacks have become less frequent. Debbie’s work goes beyond just massage – it’s a holistic journey towards healing that I’m forever grateful for.


Megan M

I’ve been in such a dark place for years now. After TTC for almost 11 months, I was ready to just give up. I felt so burdened. I connected with Debbie over a FB group and just wow. After about 3 months (8 sessions) of working with her, I am now pregnant, feel more clear in my mind and with what I want and have set some over due boundaries! I am feeling so happy right now and look forward to continuing working with her. I highly recommend her and her workbooks!

Kaityln R

I’ve never done breathwork before but I felt really called to try an  Introspective breathwork therapy session and the transformation I’ve experienced is beyond words. I was able to reconnect with my inner child and address wounds that had been keeping me doubting my ability to be a mother.  It was a profound experience of healing that Im still integrating. Debbie is the real deal. She is skillful and intention in her facilitation. I can proudly say that I now believe I really can break cycles of generational trauma in my family. This therapy has been a catalyst for my personal growth, and I’m eternally grateful for my sessions with Debbie 

Meghan D