Do you wish you could just hit a rest button and feel more calm, balanced and healthy in your body?



Hi, I’m Debbie Dickey. 

I support women throughout their motherhood journey discover how to align their mind-body and emotions, so that they can trust the choices they make and feel confident.

I trust you have found this page for a reason and It is an absolute honor to have you here. I am a previous Social Worker turned Introspective Breathwork™ Therapist, Massage Therapist and Quantum Energy Practitioner. I am co-founder of One Breath Institute, a healing and training school and founder of Love Today Therapy. 

I am passionate about healing generational trauma, helping women tranform doubt to trust and teaching them tools to build healthy foundations for their family. It is my hope to make self-regulation tools easily accessible, create a safe space for women to be their authentic selves and receive the support they need.

I am a 4/6 Emotional Manifesting Generator, a mother, wife and lover of FEELING ALIVE. I enjoy growing my own food, living slowly and allowing creativity and authenticity to guide me.

My services Are for Women who want to end self-doubt and trust themselves. 

Your 3 Step Transformational

Journey Map 

Here is what to expect in every session I offer.

Discover Truth

Limiting beliefs, energetic blocks and intrusive thoughts root in generational trauma. Generational trauma refers to the transmission of emotional, psychological, and even physical wounds from one generation to the next.

Did you know that trauma can be passed down genetically through 7 generations? Did you know that the first 2 years of our life determines how we relate to the ourselves and the world?

In all my sessions, we begin with discovering your truth. This is about learning how to become the observer of your thoughts, feelings and to get clear with what you really need.

Feel Completely

Learning how to feel big feelings = building a relationship with your body.

By allowing yourself to fully experience and express emotions in healthy ways, you release pent-up energy, prevent emotional avoidance, understand yourself better, develop emotional regulation skills, improve communication in relationships, build resilience, avoid escalation of emotions, promote healing from past traumas, reduce stress and anxiety.

It’s about embracing the full range of your emotions while navigating them in a healthy and self-aware manner.

Choose Authentically

When your mind-body and emotions are in alignment, taking the next step or making the ‘correct’ decision comes easily.

Uniting the mind, body, and emotions aids authentic decision-making, boosting confidence and a sense of empowerment. When these aspects work together, you gain a better understanding of your genuine desires and values.

This alignment helps you recognize choices that resonate with your true self and honor your needs. You can expect in every session to be that much closer to feeling aligned and confident with how to move forward in your life.



Testimonials from my clients & students

My Services

Online & In-Person

Introspective Breathwork Therapy

Are you feeling like self-doubt has taken over your life? Do you find yourself disconnected from your own body and struggling to navigate through those overwhelming emotions? You’re not alone, and there’s a transformative journey waiting for you-introducing trauma-informed Introspective Breathwork™ Therapy

Why Choose Our Therapeutic Approach?

🌟Overcome Self-Doubt: Those nagging voices of self-doubt and limiting beliefs can hold you back from embracing your full potential and trusting yourself. Our therapy provides a supportive space to unravel these doubts and empower you to step into your greatness.

🌸Reconnect with Your Body: Go from feeling disconnected from your body to feeling safe and confident. Our approach guides you back to your body, and teaches you how to create a new relationship with your body. A relationship where you can self-resource, trust your feelings and honor your needs without question. 

🌊Navigate Big Emotions: Feeling overwhelmed or even stuck within emotions is completely natural. Introspective Breathwork™ Therapy equips you with the tools to navigate these waves, helping you find clarity, release, and resilience.

🌟Rediscover YOU: Feel ALIVE, connected and like YOU again. Once aligning the mind-body and emotions you can become more present and make authentic choices that best support your needs-from an empowered place.




Massage Therapy and Energy Healing

Are you tired of carrying an emotional burden, suffering from physical aches and pains and just really want to feel better, now? Are you seeking a reset button? These in-person sessions are designed exclusively for women seeking profound connection, emotional liberation, and a harmonious alignment of mind, body and emotion. 

Why Schedule A Massage Therapy and Energy Healing Session?

🌟Emotional Balance: Massage therapy and energy healing hold a remarkable power to soothe the tumultuous waves of emotions. My sessions offer a trauma-informed therapeutic touch that supports introducing safety, support and relaxation to your nervous system. Discover calm, regulation and emotional freedom through connecting your mind-body and emotions. 

🌸Physical Harmony: Tension is the body’s response to stress, often manifesting as knots, weakness or an overall ache in muscles. These sessions incorporate a variety of massage techniques, such as kneading, rolling, swedish, deep tissue and cupping therapy, in addition to energetic therapeutic techniques like; chakra balancing, polarity therapy, aura clearing and more. As physical and energetic tension stored within them dissipates, this will create a sense of safety, relief and relaxation throughout the body.

💕Healing Trauma: Let go of stress, anxiety and stored burdens means letting go of stored incomplete trauma responses in the body. Do you ever wonder about body flare ups, joints randomly bothering you again or about chronic knots? Trauma finds refuge in our bodies, embedding itself in muscle memory and energy pathways.


coming soon 2024

The Alignment  Mini Membership

Join The Alignment Mini Membership for a transformative journey from doubt to trust! Learn holistic tools like breathwork, somatic practices and mindful techniques to connect with your menstruation cycle, create boundaries and feel confident.

This mini membership includes over 20 guided experiences, a downloadable workbook filled with introspective worksheets and an amazing growing community of like minded women.

Coming soon 2024

The Breathing Mama

Main Membership

Join The Breathing Mama Membership (which includes the Alignment Mini Membership) and discover tools to; regulate BIG emotions throughout pregnancy, have a self-supported birth, minimize postpartum symptoms and create a loving bond with your baby.

Inside you’ll learn about attachment styles, generational trauma and have the opportunity to connect with other mothers in the program.

Enjoy a library of over 100 guided meditations, breathwork and healing experiences.  PLUS self-massage and infant massage videos.

Get Started With My Digital Products

Regulate My Cycle Workbook


Get started with this educational and transformative digital workbook that delves into the fascinating interplay between your menstrual cycle and the changing phases of the moon.  This unique resource offers an exploration of how these two natural rhythms might be interconnected and provides insights into how you can navigate and regulate your emotions in harmony with them. Give yourself the opportunity to learn more about your body, get in sync with its rhythms and develop a trusting and supportive relationship with your womb.

My Birth Wish Workbook 


This is an empowering workbook meticulously crafted to guide you through the transformative process of creating their personalized birth wish. This workbook offers a comprehensive framework to help you articulate your desires, preferences, and intentions for your birthing experience. Through thought-provoking prompts, reflective exercises, and expert insights, you’ll explore your values, hopes, and fears, enabling you to communicate effectively with your birth team. 

My Self-Care Journal


This beautifully designed journal is a dedicated space for you to prioritize your self-care and embark on a path of personal growth. With carefully curated prompts and activities, it gently guides you through reflection, intention-setting, and creative exercises that inspire self-nurturing practices. Uncover insights into your needs, celebrate your achievements, and cultivate a deeper connection with yourself. Embrace self-care as more than a routine—make it a mindful and fulfilling part of your life. 

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